EMCO Christmas beer wrap

Who wouldn't like a 4 pack of beer as a gift. But better make sure you know who it is from.

Background & Creative Direction:

My good friends at Barn Owl Brewing Company asked if I could help one of their customers with a quick little gift tag to add to a 4 pack of beer for Christmas. I came up with a few options and the chosen version ended up being a little more than just a little tag.

Emco waterworks Christmas gift beer wrap
EMCO beer gift packaging concepts

Original Idea concepts:


  • Come up with various concepts for clients
  • Keep in consideration of low volumes
  • No use of custom die-lines or special tabs
  • Keep the budget low
  • Explore existing packaging or existing dies
  • Work with client suggestions to add relevant construction  equipment in place of expected Christmas icons. 


  • A simple paper wrap that can be taped or glued and printed at a local printers
  • Happy Customer